Hadid Kirtle

Do wha?  Did I seriously make a kirtle?  What the heck does a kirtle have to do with that “Middle Eastern” Flair thing I do?

Not a single thing.  But I was asked, and so I Did.


So, based on Observation, Bondmaids are sort of Flirty Farmhands who have to have to be ready for pretty much anything.

Hadid, which is Arabic for “Iron”, is designed with that in mind.  A carefully detailed prim drinking horn on one hip, a handy dandy cloth and pouches on the other, the skirt hangs naturally and is accented with sculpted knotwork.  The Top is actually a jacket layer, cut high enough to show off your gams, and low enough to where it can be worn without the skirt.  The Upper arm torq and bracer style bracelet complete the set.

I kept the price low, since we’re dealing with a limited audience, but if you ever have need for one, or have a friend who needs one, hop on by any of my stores and pick one up!


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