No really I’m not neglecting anyone….

I’m completely rebuilding my flagship store in Milady’s Fancy, it’s being sectioned off and reparcelled into a project called “Silk Oasis”  which will feature not only Me and Honor Bound, But Milady’s Fancy/Secret, Infinity, Inc. Collars and Selkie Animations!

I’m so excited because I’m getting to build my store the way I want.  And for opening weekend, will be releasing three new outfits! Also will have a sick sale going on, recharge the lucky chair with some cool stuff, and have a good handful of freebies in circulation!

The Three outfits are named “Rajja” “Kadijah” and “Marboot”.  The first two are gowns.  Rajja being pretty much EXACTLY what it implies.  Completely ostentacious, outrageous, and FEATHERED!  Marboot is the slave silks line designed to match Fred’s Honor Bound Robes.  And Kadijah…well, Have a look below….


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