Creative Block Over!

So I spent Months in a creative block.

I asked myself constantly, why?  Why can’t I come up with anything?  I have ideas, but they wouldn’t execute well. Something was just.. WRONG, you know?

I struggled.  A lot.  And during the course of that I was talking to some other Muslim friends.  Who said they wished, really, they could dress modestly in SL and NOT feel like they were going to a Ren Faire.

Well.  Here I am with his perfectly good headscarf build.  Why not?

And the block fell apart. I started shooting out outfits, outfits that I’m happy with, and there’s even more in the pipes.

So.  Sakinah Silks, is changing a bit.  The Mainstream store is going to be Named “Sakinah.”  I’ll keep the silks end up for those moment when that’s just what I feel like building.  There’s a whole new look to the store, new build in progress.  The Silks and Historical stuff are being moved to another sim.

I struggled with this decision, but I’m happy, genuinely happy with it.  And I think that shows in my recent work:  Oh and Yes.. Those are Three Guy’s Outfits too.

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