Dressing Modestly in SL (And how I made it a little easier)

There are some seriously awesome designers out there in SL.  Stuff that literally makes my jaw drop.  But when it comes to maintaining modesty and looking adorable.. well, we often find ourselves in a bad place.

Here’s this gorgeous extremely well textured top/dress, etc….but it shows too much skin.  And worse.  Most Halal Designers make a Hijab scarf that goes only with their outfits, not realistic considering if you look in my real life closet I’ve got literally DOZENS of scarves and pashminas that I will mix and match with whatever.

So I started tackling the latter problem, and decided to show you guys some of my solutions to the former problem.

So first.  The coolest thing I think I’ve ever made:

Color Change Hijab Ad

Yep.  It’s a Hijab that changes textures on touch.  That’s my sneak peek preview thingy from my last post.  Those are snippets of the EIGHTEEN hand drawn textures I made for the first of what I expect will be several color changing Hijabs.  The Underscarf changes independently of the rest of the pieces, so you can mix and match and come up with all sorts of fun combinations!

Now, that covers your head. How about the rest of it?

Well, Let me do this post and include one of my hands down favorite designers in SL Zaara Kohime of Zaara.  Besides being a total riot of a person, she’s got a great knack for making totally wearable totally lovable clothes in SL with an Indian flair.  Incredible texture work, great colors, things that make me incredibly happy as an SL Consumer.  She also operates on multiple layers.  What does that mean?  It means that everything you buy from her can be applied to multiple layers of your avatar system mesh.  Which I’ll explain why this is important.

Your SL Avatar can wear non prim clothes on multiple layers.  And just like in real life, layering is one of the great secrets of any Hijabi.  Your Avatar’s torso from the skin outward has three clothing layers: Undershirt, Shirt, and Jacket.  The Jacket layer actually extends to the lower half of your avatar. The Lower half of your avatar from skin outward has Socks, Underwear, Shoes, Pants, and Skirt.

So.  For this Photo:

Hijabi Style Shot

Everything you see there is either from me or Zaara.  Except the glasses.  Those are from Primoptics, and anyone who’s seen me in world knows those are pretty much a fixture of my avatar I almost always have them on, unless I’m building.

So I saw this ADORABLE tank top in Zaara with the ruffly bits. (I LOVE ruffly feminine stuff).  I love it.  But there’s no way I would wear it alone, right?  Well I happened to already have the Isis Button Shirt in Creme (Also from Zaara).  It’s a little on the sheer side and I wouldn’t normally wear it alone, but paired with a jacket or a low cut sweater.  Or.. in this case.. this adorable tank top.  I’m wearing the tank top on the “Jacket” layer and the Isis shirt on the ‘Shirt” layer.  Coupled with my Hijab (Colored to Orange) and some of Zaara’s totally adorable super colorful bangle bracelets, I’m thrilled with the look. The Jeans are hers too. From the Kera outfit.  So here, I’ve managed to cover the Skin of my Av in Adorable cute clothes, covered my head in my new favorite toy, and added some serious cute style with some great jewelry.  It’s got pop, it’s got snazz, it’s got style.. and it still looks modest.

Now, before you get into it with me about tight clothes.  From a designer perspective:  In order to line textures up properly on the avatar, they need to be pretty close to the skin.  When you loosen the clothes on the avatar they get incredibly and unattractively distorted.  There’s no formula, no way really to compensate for that distortion.  Which is why I opt for the layered look.  It detracts from the body shape without getting all distorted and icky looking.  And if you disagree.. skim down through my older posts to my Silks sets.  There’s a lot more curvy on my avatar than most people think there is.

So.. What We’ve learned today:

I make a pretty awesomely cool Hijab.  Super extra Thanks to Lucius Obviate for scripting it out and putting up with my nit picking.

Buy clothes that come fitted on several layers. When I start doing separates, you’ll be seeing this from me.

Layer your outfits in fun and interesting ways.

Accessorize like there’s no tomorrow.

And most of all, have fun and express yourself.

The very BEST part about being a Muslim woman, is that you have SO much more canvas to work with in the expression of your appearance. I mean seriously, how much creativity is in a skirt that would work better as a belt, or bandaids over your nipples? You’ve got an entire Av to cover, and you can do it in numerous beautiful layers that compliment, contrast, and tell a story!

  • Hijab – Sakinah Colorchange Hijab
  • Tank Top – Zaara – Mishti in Apricot
  • Shirt – Zaara – Isis in Creme
  • Jeans – Zaara – Kera Jeans
  • Bracelets – Zaara – Indra Painted Stacked Bangles
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2 Responses to Dressing Modestly in SL (And how I made it a little easier)

  1. ALISHA says:

    Nice aticle, i love zaara’s too and you hijabs. Goodluck

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