IOL Show and More fun with the Colorchange!

So we just finished the In World Fashion Show.  I’m exhausted.  All that last minute work had me up all night.  I was really surprised to learn that of all the designers presenting, I had the largest collection on the runway.  A total of eight outfits, plus what I was wearing, and what’s neat?  That wasn’t even my entire line!

It went really well.  I love seeing what the other designers do, and because the venue was so large I had to do a LOT of talking.  A special shoutout to my friends who turned up to support me through six cups of coffee and rambling speaches!

So Bubbles Komachi, who’s a great buddy of mine and an SL Fashion Blogger said I should do more style posts.  And, honestly who am I to argue?  You can find her incredibly awesome blog “Super Gangster” here.

So I figured I’d resurrect some stuff I haven’t worn in a while, and some stuff I love to wear:

10-12 Style Shot_001

And I thought I’d talk a little bit about using prims to help along the Modesty thing.

So, SL in past year or so allowed users to use a process called “Normal Mapping” or “Sculpt Mapping” to alter primitives to give them more fluid and organic shapes.  It’s a complicated technical process into how they are made and applied, so I won’t go into that.  But I will say it has given SL content creators absolutely limitless possibilities.  And this is good for the Modest dresser in SL too.

Part of modesty isn’t just coverage, but minimizing the feminine shape.  Now before you go into it with me about appreciating the beauty of the female form and all that.. I’m going to preempt and say that there is a big difference in expressing your femininity, and shoving it in people’s faces.  How you look, both in real life and SL dictates a LOT of how you are treated.  I know this, I’ve experienced it.  I’ve seen the same people treat me one way when I’m not covered and completely differently when I am.   Usually when I am covered, they are more reserved, they pay more attention to what I am saying and how I am thinking.  Let’s go back to the nipple bandaids and belt skirt example/  When you see a woman dressed like that, you get distracted by all that skin, and usually find it hard to take her seriously if she’s like.. discussing the benefits and flaws of President Obama’s Nuclear Resolution.

Okay so back on topic.   A LOT of designs out there now come with prim attachments to add realism tot he shape of clothes.  And I am one of the guiltiest parties of all when it comes to that.  My Hijab is completely sculpted prims.  Most every design I put out has some unique sculpt prim action happening, not to mention flexis which allow me to build skirts and fabric drapes that move with the avatar. I’m also totally going to STAY guilty of that too.

So one of the things I love are sculpted cuffs on pants.  These jeans (From Sn@tch) express that nicely.  Cool new trend in Sl in recent month is the Jean style called the “Boyfriend Jean”  These are jeans iwth a looser looking fit (Usually using sculpted prims) so they kind of look like you stole them out of some guy’s closet. Considering I do this to my Husband regularly (Much to his chagrin) I was all over this when it hit SL.

Another bit of sculpty love and a TOTAL guilty pleasure on my part are prim feet.  Better.. Great shoes built onto prim feet.  SL’s avatar is VERY rudimentary and basic in its built.  And it has these Barbie doll style feet that have no toes.  Well look at my feet in that picture.  I have toes!  I have three designers that are my absolute Go To on Prim feet and Shoes: Maitreya, Aoharu, And SLINK.  There IS a challenege to this though.  And that’s matching the color of your prim feet to your avatar’s skin.  Most Shoes with Prim Feet come with a HUD (Heads Up Display) Unit and allows you to change the color of the skin colored prims of your snazzy prim feet shoes.  Maitreya and SLink both have HUDs and directions to exactly match them to some of the most popular skins sold in SL.  Aoharu is a bit more guess work.  But then a lot of fashion is all about the trial and error thing, no?

Now the sweater.. I know you’re lovin on the sweater.  I love on the sweater.  The Sweater.. isn’t actually a sweater.  It’s a Sweater dress.  This one you can’t find any more, sadly, unless you know someone willing to let go of some of their Last Call stuff.  Last Call was the aftermath store after the demise of Dazzle Designer and much beloved Ginny Talamasca.  Her business partners and friends got together to produce one last expo of her awesome design work.  And now, I think around two years later, I still love wearing her stuff.  This is the Starley Sweater dress.  Now, remember all that stuff inthe last post about layering?  Here’s another example.  The Stweater is actually two system pieces.  The Jacket layer and the Skirt layer.  I have No idea why SL sets the bottom of the jacket layer behind the skirt layer, but we live with it and move on.  So on my Jacket and Skirt layers I’m wearing the Starley Sweater Dress.  But rather than go barelegged?  I add Sn@tch’s Boyfriend Jeans in Brown to the pants layer.

Now a quick note about system skirts.  Without fail, if you have ANY kind of booty on your avatar?  System skirts magnify that like, twenty fold.  If you have a Modfyable shape, trim your hips and booty down until it looks more natural.  If you have a Non Modifyable shape?  Chances are your Shape Creator was kind enough to include a spare shape exclusively for System Skirts.  I know Alady does this, and I love her for it.  The Skirt shapes she makes look so natural, I’ll usually forget I’m wearing it until I realize somehow that my hips and booty are a little thinner than they should be.

So the Boyfriend Jeans come with those awesome wide sculpted cuffs.  So bonus for that.  But the sweater I just thought.. needed a belt.  Again Accessorize like mad right?  That’s Lelutka’s Nicole belt in Brown.  Lelutka deserves her own post and I’ll break that out some time.

Add some stacked animal print bangles from this awesome store Bubbles showed me called Mandala, color my Hijab to Brown, the underscarf to Brown2, and add those AWESOME Maitreya Gold series shoes Ixkin in Dual Cocoa, and that’s the look.  Covering, modest, awesome for fall, and still unflappably feminine.  Top off with my ever present primoptics glasses and boom.  There I am.

Another shoe option I just thought of would be some great suede boots.  But a heads up here.  Most boots that go past the ankle come in two parts.  One that attaches to your foot, and one to your lower leg.  The cheat here, is to NOT attach the boot part that attaches to your lower leg, so you can keep the sculpted cuffs and have it still look natural.

So there you go.  Root around in your inventory and look for that dress you picked up somehow, or wore back in your SL Clubbing days, and try pairing it off with some great jeans or slacks.  And Have fun with it!

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3 Responses to IOL Show and More fun with the Colorchange!

  1. Nieve Thor says:

    I just stumble your entry from Even you’re fully covered, you still look fabulous. Thumbs up for you.

  2. awwww!! My baby!!! Lookin FLY as always! I’m bummed i missed the fashion show this morning, damn RL alway interferring!

  3. Nieve Thor says:

    I just stumble your entry from Even you’re fully covered, you still look fabulous. Thumbs up for you.
    OH! You’re my new favorite blogger fyi

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