Takin a Hint from the Aussies (And a Preview)

So I was setting up my nifty new shop in the Middle East Sim (http://slurl.com/secondlife/Middle%20East/56/138/30), One of my more entertaining customers popped by and we were talking while I was building.  I do that a lot by the way, I actually LIKE my customers, and usually try to take the time to listen to what they’re looking for, and bounce ideas off of them.

So this Customer’s name is Rabia.  Just a really nice Muslima, and a total accident that we met but decided each was made of win so, I like chillin with her.. even if I’m not chillin.  So she and I were talking, about my recent style posts and the whole making the mainstream Halal, and she shoots me this link to this Aussie Newspaper that has a style article that talks about those great Maxi dresses.  You know the ones I mean.

Pashmina Previe Full

And well, it’s true.  It’s a relatively shape concealing design, you can cram a lot of style into the pattern, and it’s comfy as heck.  And frankly, I was kind of already doing this, pulling one on over an undershirt and wearing it like a jumper.

And then we started talking about the headscarf thing.  A careful review of my closet shows about 14 different patternless, fringed, brilliantly colored Pashminas.

Well why the heck did I not have those in my “Pipeline of Color Change Hijabs”?  They are now.  This is me actually trying out the patterning.  Not sure I’m happy with it yet, but, you get the idea.

Pashmina Preview Close Up

So, not being ready for Summer to just fall over and die, thought I’d kick this out there.  Besides, with the right colors, and fabrics this look could easily hold up for fall.

  • Dress – Decoy – Marisol – RFL Edition
  • Bracelets – Zaara – Indra
  • Shoes – Maitreya – Gold Edition Shanti in Nude
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