I Stoled Your Shirt!!!

Fess up sisters.  We ALL do it.  Or at least make me feel better about the fact that I do.  I admit to rummaging around in my husband’s closet for clothes. He’s bigger than me, so everything fits a lot looser.  He hates this.  Largely because it means his clothes smell like girl afterwards.

Stole Your Shirt!_002

Guess what?  We can do it in SL Too.

AND we buy the things ourselves.

Why would we do that, you might ask?  Designer Secret.  Part of the process of making clothes is applying what’s called an Avatar Shadow Bake.  It’s different for the male and female avatar (Female avatar has breast shadows.)  So if you get male clothes, with the male shadow bake?  You’re getting clothes without the breast shadowing, and therefore detracting from the girls.

Just a quick thought, a quick post, and excuse to break out some green.

  • Hijab – Sakinah – Color Change Hijab
  • Men’s Button Down Shirt – Chinese Takeout – Anvil Rollup in Green
  • Turtleneck – Maitreya – Savoir in Bronze
  • Bracelets – Zaara – Indra (I know I can’t friggin take these things off!)
  • Pants – Pink Outfitters – The Editor – Black Licorice
  • Shoes – Maitreya – Banana Frenzy – Black
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