Pretty in Pink

I totally love pink.  I don’t get to wear it much, which is kinda sad.  Because it’s just a happy girly color.

I also like the Keffiyeh pattern.  I have several of these distinctive scarves laying around in RL and no, they do NOT make some political statement.  Fact of the matter is, they’re both attractive and practical.  They’re usually light weight easy breathing, perfect for those last few days of summer where it’s warmer than it should be.

So.  Pink plus Keffiyeh checker came out like this:

Pretty in pink_001

While I was at it, I hit up the 50L Friday thing and had a little fun.  That sweater?  Again..intended to be a dress.

  • Hijab – Sakinah- Pretty in Pink Colorchange Keffiyeh
  • Sweater – Fishy Strawberry – Maxipull Pink 50L Friday Special
  • Pants – Pink Outfitters – The Editor – Black Licorice
  • Belt – Kunstkammer- Star Belt – 50L Friday Special
  • Bracelets – Mandala – 7luck Silver

Pretty in pink_002

Another 50L Friday thing, cute fun and it came with the PURSE!  BTW I’m totally mad for purses.

  • Hijab – Sakinah- Pretty in Pink Colorchange Keffiyeh
  • Undershirt – W&B Mark Long Sleeve Henley in Black
  • Skirt – High Miniskirt – Flourescent Pink – 50L Friday Special
  • Bag – TZ – FUFFO Bag in Black & Pink – 50L Friday Special
  • Pants – Decoy – Inferno 88 Jeans in Charcoal

Pretty in pink_003

This I put together from things already in my wardrobe.  The fur cuffs are snuggly cute to me.

  • Hijab – Sakinah- Pretty in Pink Colorchange Keffiyeh
  • Sweater – Persona – Furry Sweater in Baby Blue
  • Jeans – Decoy – Inferno 88’s in Light Wash

Pretty in pink_004

Okay Again with the me stealing the man clothes. But this is was too cute to pass up. The Button down, though is a little on the sheer side, so definitely put something underneath.

  • Hijab – Sakinah- Pretty in Pink Colorchange Keffiyeh
  • Shirt – B@re Rose – Kare Shirt in White
  • Tank – Coco – Tank Top in White
  • Jeans – Decoy – Inferno 88’s in Light Wash

So, as you can see, I’ve got this scarf changing to four different plain and four different patterned textures.  Again same rules apply, mix, match and tint as you please.  I’ll keep this in two places.  First, in my mainstore. Because I think you should be able to get anything I make in there.  And Secondly at the Middle East Sim.  Because I REALLY want you guys to go see that place.

Now a quick note about my poses.  I’m asked at times where I get them.  Because they look fun without looking unnatural or suggestive.  Thats thanks usually to Long Awkward Pose (All the poses in today’s post are from LAP).  I love the store name, and I love the pose work.  They’re natural, relaxed, not all bent weird.  And the Guy poses from there are total win.  PLUS.. and this is why I love this so much… She includes a “Priority 4” copy of each pose. That’s how I hold my head straight.  The Highest Priority pose locks you avatar in place for pictures, down to the tiny details, like.. you know.. your HEAD. So it makes taking the pictures SO much easier.  So a special thanks to LAP and please keep up the great work!

One last note.  A shout out to a good friend of mine, and the Model for the Ahmed outfit Ad Series.  He’s currently running around the Middle East on a Project, and so this is the first time he has gotten a close up look at our culture.  I can wait to hear all of the adventures, good and bad, when he gets home!  Inshallah he comes home safe and sound and soon!  So Salaams to Oliver Stormcrow. 🙂

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