Coming Soon

It’s gearing for Relay For Life time again.

By way of update, thanks, to each of you who has bought a Pink Hijab.  Starting on Relay Opening, I’m moving that into an RFL Vendor and letting the ACS take the proceeds for a while from that.

I actually have been working.  Though for the past couple of months it was building a sim, and finishing up my new main store at Silk Oasis and gearing up to get some of the stuff I haven’t finished out onto the shelves.  Oh and Prepping a line up for RFL.

So I built a Cyberpunk sim too.  How that plays into the RFL thing, I’ll explain in a bit.

But you guys wanna see the new stuff, right?

So, I got Haifa finished.  With a redesign on the Hijab so it sits closer to the head and looks a little sharper.  I’ll be re-doing the color change versions too.

So there.. Haifa’s done.  FINALLY.

Now.  How Cyberpunk sims, RFL and Sakinah tie into each other.

Building a Cyberpunk sim had me thinking “What would the Muslima of the future look like?”  What kind of interesting things would be doing with traditional clothes to bring them up to date?

Well..  I messed around with some textures (And am still messing around with them by the way since this is going to be a series of outfits) and came up with this:

Now that’s not a final.  I’m still nattering with textures, but yes, it’s a carbon fiber abaya with fiber optic decor.  How cool is that huh? And I did a Mod for Non Muslimas who were diggin on the look…

Now if I’m gonna do that, I might as well go on and do a Belly dance outfit too right?  Which I don’t have pictures of yet.. but trust me when I say I just made Cleopatra look hotter than Stargate. (I’ll try to kick up shots when I finish the prim work.)

So all of THIS tires into RFL because.. These outfits are going to be my Relay for Life line.  We’ll see how many I actually get done before kick off, but in short, the Cyber-Muslima, the Thing with the pointy shoulders that I haven’t named yet, and the Cyber-Dancer will be out in that basic black with different colored accents in my RFL Vendors. (I MIGHT do a Scripted version at a higher price, we’ll see.  Scripting can drive me batty)

So there’s sort of an update on what I’ve been up to.  Keep an eye out for when I release.  Haifa I’ll get out in my stores this week.  And the Cyber-line will come out at the Relay for Life Kickoff date.

In the meantime, thanks for checking in!

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