RFL Clothing Fair is ON! And an Offer for Bloggers…

Starts today at 1 SLT.

I have literally stayed up nights getting things ready.  My Booth is done.  My outfits are in place… and a few of my regular offerings too.

I added my fourth.  Inaya.

This is the first outfit I made using a new graphics program, I was thrilled with how it turned out.

To add, I like it enough I think…I’ll probably add a couple more colors over the next couple of weeks, depending on what people would like to see.  I did it in blue for myself, may release that.  Maybe a Green, a Red and a Purple?

Getting set up for Clothing Fair was nuts.  But today made it all worth it.  I finally got the chance to walk around and perv.. and pre-buy some of the other designers’ offerings.  I love how we all come together for this, and we step up our game a little bit for it.

Every single Linden Dollar spent on an RFL release goes to the American Cancer Society.  So we’ve all, and I do include myself here, but we all put in the extra effort, and time to make something special that we’ll not be making a dime off of.  We’ve donated our own time (And trust me, it’s a lot of time.. the Vaako necklace is almost 200 prims, and I had to line each one up by hand), our money (We pay to help cover the cost of the Ten Sim Complex that is RFL), and our effort (Not just in the RFL offerings themselves, but we each build and set up our stores on the sims, designing them with minimal lag in mind, and had a little less than a week to do it this year).  And I can say that today.. I really feel like it’s totally worth it.

I made it a point to get my build and set up done by Thursday, so I could spend Friday frittering around the other sims, and oggling everyone else’s work.  When I heard that Fai and Eire from Lollipop were getting in on Preview Day as bloggers, I got to spend several hours dragging them, and anyone else wiling to come along all over the whole thing.

By the time RL caught up with me and I logged?  The Clothing Fair had already raised over 160,000L$.  And it’s not even open yet.

That number astounds me.  You know why?  On one hand?  I know it’s folks like me.  Designers buying stuff from other designers.  Which, the cooperation and encouragement we show each other like that is beyond words.  The other astounding?   Just how much money Bloggers spend to Blog.

With that in mind… If you’re a blogger and Reading this, I’ll make an offer.  Every Blogger who reviews one of my RFL outfits this coming week, good, bad or indifferent.  Send me a link, either in world, or a comment here, to the post.  While you’re at it.  Pick an outfit from my regular line, and I’ll send you that as a “Thanks for the Review” gift.

This only goes through the length of the Clothing Fair.

However, on the whole, most of the time, if I know a blogger is poking around my store and plotting?  If you IM me?  I’ll usually shoot you a review copy of something.

So get out to Clothing Fair.  We’ve stepped up the game this year for a great cause.

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