Moo Money, a well known Machinima artist and texture creator gave me a set of textures once.

I had every intention at the time of incorporating them into something I made.

Taking a break from working on the Spring Line, I went ahead and did that.  And decided to make it a gift, since I don’t do gifts as often as I should.

So this one is in honor of all content creators, and their mentors and friends.  We’re a support group, one that shares their joys and sorrows and frustrations, one that helps each other out of tight and annoying fixes, one that shores each other through the dramas of content theft, demanding customers and too many night spent sitting up to finish that one last piece.

Now here’s the catch.  If you want it?  Drop me an IM.  It’ll be a bit before I can put it out in my stores, so.. we’ll just have to get personal.

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