The Snowball Effect


I started on a new Colorchange Hijab.  Because I wanted something flowery and pretty and spiffy for spring.

Ran into a problem.

The Hijab needed tops to match.

I’ve been asked before to do a tunic style top.  So I though. Oooh.  Great opportunity.  And me, thinking for the longer term, also designed the Tunic part of the top to be optional.

‘Kayso, now I have a bunch of tops, on multiple layers, with options.  Now we know I tend to work in full outfits, right?  I like the idea of you looking consistent and well matched.  So.  Needed pants.  I like Cargo pants.  They tend to fit looser, and having lots of pockets is always good.

Well now.  Wouldn’t a vest look cute with that?

And not all of us are pants people.  Some of us dig on skirts.  So.. needed a skirt.

And lo and behold.  I’ve finished a giant project for release that I will be boxing and making ad shots for probably all day.  So, for the first time ever, I’m doing a line of separates, that you can mix, match, coordinate as you see fit.  Each Piece will be sold individually, for a very reasonable price (because I always believe in making sure you get your money’s worth). And there will be one HUGE pack with the whole thing in it, at a discount compared to what you would pay for each piece individually.

The Hijab..and there is only one of these, is one of my signature color change scripted hijabs, with literally hundreds of different options for you to coordinate the underscarf to the overscarf.  I used the new build that I have for the Haifa outfits.

Those are just some of the color options.  I think it’s eight tunics, nine vests, one skirt, one pair of pants, and one scripted hijab.

Also, coming soon, a line of Accurate Egyptian Historical Costuming, complete with headgear.  Okay, accurate with some flair.  We don’t really know what all was worn off of all the cool pictures and drawings we have, or if they even painted in all the details.  But a sneak peek.

That’s a Khepresh there.  The Blue Crown of the Pharaohs sometimes thought to be a War Crown.  Since It’s designed for a woman, I added the wings on the side, variably in reference to either the Vulture who was one of the guardians of the throne, or the Wings of Isis.  The Winged headdress was pretty commonly seen on women, so, I suppose that my way of adding that feminine touch.

There’s a Stylized Aten Crown (And outfit) and of course a Pshent (the double Crown of Egypt) and it’s outfit.  I have aspirations toward a Nemes (the fabric drape) but we’ll see how that goes.

Some folks may have noticed that Silk Oasis isn’t Silk Oasis anymore.  Sorry for that.  The Economy is rough, and the Sim Owner, who has been one of my nearest and dearest friends, and a mentor to me in SL, needed to trim back.  It was a difficult decision to arrive at, but necessary.  So I’m doing all of this building while shuffling locations around.  As those settle and get updated, I’ll make sure to let you know.  But for now, I’m still in Milady’s Fancy.  I’m establishing a new location on a sim called King’s Domain.  I still have stalls in several markets.  And have a new location at Selkie Animations.  I remain at Ummah of Noor, of course.

So that’s about all for now. I’ll post again when things are boxed, perms are set, ad shots are done, and the whole mess is loaded into the server.  I’m probably also going to take this opportunity to expand my Xstreet listings a little bit, since Linden Labs has made it so much easier to shop Xstreet than it was before.

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