Back Into the Time Machine

Like a lot of things I build.  This started out small.

I wanted a Pshent.

The Double Crown of Egypt.  So I scoped Xstreet, and what I could find just didn’t suit me.

Okay let me actually roll this to where it started.  One of my favorite movies ever is the 1963 Cleopatra starring Liz Taylor.  And my biggest love?  The Costumes.  I adore the Costuming.

So When I decided to broach accurate ancient Egyptian regalia, I said “I’m gonna Liz Taylor this up.  Give it some flair.”

Well.  So I did.  I made the Pshent.  And just like everything else.  It needed a dress.  It needed Jewelry.  I needed other outfits… You get the gist.  I have an issue.

My issues become your boons.

So that’s what happens when I build a Pshent.  The Pshent is ultra detailed, with the Wadjet..the cobra on the front, and protective eyes of Horus in gold around.  And Tassles on the front because I thought they looked nice.

The Khepresh is sometimes called the War Crown.  I explained this before.  I feminized the Khepresh by adding on a pair of wings, symbolic of Isis or the Vulture (The other half of the Uraeus) and commonly seen on women.

Last, but not least is the Aten.  More a religious symbol, the Aten was usually topped by the sun disk, and on this one, I did the gown in a pleated linen gradient pattern.  So it fades from blue to red.

Both the Aten and the Khepresh are very primmy head dresses, but I think I managed to keep them fairly clean looking and symmetrical.  Symmetry was important to the Ancient Egyptians.

So they come with everything you need but shoes.

While there’s jewelry included, I’ll also recommend Tekeli-li’s Kemet and Nepthys sets as great matches for these.

I’ll finish getting these boxed and posted and they should be up Monday or Tuesday of Next week.

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