We Get By…

With a little help from our friends…or so the saying goes.

So most of you know I’ve been kind of caught in a transitory state, with the Oasis sim closing down and trying to get settled into a new home.  And I’m picky.  And one of the things I’m really picky about is being near Frederick Lancaster from Honor Bound.  We’re sort of joined at the hip, and we do some of our best work together.

So when he showed me where he was settling down, On a sim with a mutual friend of ours who has aspirations of turning it into an homage to Mists of Avalon, I was happy for him.  The Sim’s gorgeous, and it’s really only going to be moreso with Fred’s hands in it.  I offered to help, because, well, that’s what we do.

I was delightfully surprised when he and the sim owner, Jadxia Lexenstar came through and said “Well, you’re kind of like peanut butter and jelly, wouldn’t be the same if you weren’t together.” And offered to cut a little parcel for Sakinah.  By little?  I suppose I mean, plenty of space for my needs..if you didn’t know this about my large scale build work, I’m a rather prim-efficient builder.  And between Fred and I, I’m absolutely thrilled with the look.

Jadxia, who I shorten to “Jax” for being a lazy typist, and I have known each other for, goodness, I think a couple of years now.  She’s been a faithful and fabulous customer, supportive of my creative moods and whims, and has at times gone on one woman promotional crusades for my sake.

So doing something in honor of her is long long long overdue.  So, Inspired by her tenacious spirit (And fellow bossy womanness), and the upcoming Mists of Avalon build in Etheral Cove (That’s where my new store’s gonna be.  I’ll SLURL it when there’s something more to see there than the footprint.), I named this gown for her.

The Gown comes in two versions:  One with a soft velvetish looking undershirt, and one without.  And both are included, again, on multiple layers, in the box.  Along with the usual primmy parts:  the Skirt and Sleeve Ties.

And, Well, since I get asked about the rest of the look:

Hair: Analog Dog – Embrace – Black

Skin: Rockberry – Uma Tintable Lipsticks – Tan

Shoes: Aoharu – Gladiator Sandals – Brown

I think I may do that from now on.  When I do my Ad-Shots, post here what else I may be wearing with the look.  Besides.  Keeps you guys reading the blog 🙂

These Go out Either Tomorrow or Monday.  Or if I feel like it Tonight.  They’ll be on Xstreet, and anywhere I have a market stall or store, except for Al Rawnaq.  Al Rawnaq is a Halal Sim, and I keep my listings there in line with that.

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