‘Kayso.  There’s a couple of things cooking.

First, I’ve agreed to do a Fashion Show on June 26th  with the Jelly of my Peanut Butter, Fred Lancaster of Honor Bound;The Ally Sheedy to my Molly Ringwald (Breakfast Club Reference FTW) Dream Resistance of Fantasia; the Tastefully Tactlessly Awesome Delora Starbrook of Haven Designs and the Queen of all Mudkips, Siddean Munroe of SLink.  It will be at Say it Ain’t Show, at 4 pm SLT. So I’ve been dealing with that.

It’s called Harem, and is generally geared to show off some of the Middle Eastern (though not necessarily Halal) influences.

Now, you know I don’t like doing these runway shows much, and I would certainly never do them without something new hitting the runway.  So I’m planning two new outfits, and a chance to see three of my previous ones.  In this “Two New Outfits” I actually ended up turning to me “Things I really need to get done” folder.  I actually have one of these, with either untextured builds, or textures I may not like, or just generally haven’t decided I love something enough to put it out there.

So, I pulled out a couple of things to revisit and re-work.  This one, I actually started after seeing Slumdog Millionare, loving the color combinations and brilliance.  I never could get the fabric to do what I wanted, and ended up using it also in the Balidance outfit.  So it was, naturally the first to force a revisit.  I’m probably naming this Latika…after the character that inspired it.  So I suppose what I need though, this being one of those things I haven’t fallen in love with perfectly, is your feedback.  Yes I know it needs a hijab, and I’m still chewing on how to do that.  So.. Do I let this one out?  Or stuff it away?

Drop me your comments and thoughts.

The other “revisit” is a Belly Dance outfit, kind of Tribal, Primal, and using chalwar instead of a skirt.  I’m still battling the prim work on it, and will post that up once I get it pictureable. Assuming I’m dealing with the same question.

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