Boom! Style Shot!

I swear I’ve only ever played Counterstrike like.. once.  And got no headshots.

So yeah, it was pointed out I haven’t done a style post in a while.  Silly me working on my own business.  Either way I get this random NC about a Sale at Boom!’s Juicy Location.

Now.  If you’ve done your Grid Hopping Shopping trips, you know that Boom does not do modest. But the Texture work merits huge props. So how do we Halal this stuff up?

The Sale focused on things that are pink.  And you know me.  I love any excuse to break out my pink hijab.

So.  While I’m there, I run into Harper Beresford of A Passion for Virtual Fashion And during the course of a brief conversation ask if it’s bad that I’m looking at this stuff trying to think of how to Modest it up.  She said no, it kinda pushed at her Modesty-Meter too.  Well now I had a little challenge.

Now, something Boom! does is the Multiple Layers thing.  That is, pretty much anything you get, it’s going to come on multiple layers.  I’m starting to do this myself, And did it with the Khadira Line.  I’ve posted before on the Beauty of Multiple Layers, and using different pieces on different layers to pull off a more modest look.

So, I snagged a dress and a hoodie from the sale.

I brought them home and started going through my inventory.  I knew I wanted to break out the pink hijab. (I swear I’m going to release this to the general public someday and not just for charity. I find myself using it all the time.  I also promise I’ll do a more sedately colored changing Keffiyeh hijab)

I decided the Hoodie merited a more sporty look.  So I paired it off with one of my fave jeans from, and these awesome adorable Sneaker Wedges from HOC that are disturbingly adorable and cost effective.

So.. the Style List.. With SLURLs:

Hijab: Sakinah – Prettying in Pink Color Change Hijab

Hoodie: Boom – Park Life Hoodie – Lipstick

Sweater: Boom – Call Me Baby – Snow

Jeans: – Iunno Jeans – Regular Wash

Shoes: HOC – Sneaker Wedges Plain Colors (These are Color Change Scripted)

Skin: Rockerry – Uma Color Change Lipsticks K – Tan

Eyes: Poetic Colors – Christmas Memories

Glasses: PrimOptics – Elois

Pose: Glitterati – Model Pose 29

And One more time, Just because I can’t pimp this show enough – SLink, Haven Designs, Fantasia, Honorbound & Sakinah Are the designers for The Harem Nights Fashion Show, this Saturday, July 26th, at 4pm SLT.

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