Okay NOW I can show you…

The Harem Nights show went off really well.  Everyone looked fabulous, the build was gorgeous.  The Music was wonderful.

Big Ups to the other designers first:  Dream Resistance of Fantasia, Delora Starbrook of Haven Designs, Siddean Munroe of SLink nad Of course, The peanut butter in my Jelly, Frederick Lancaster.

Also to the Opium Modelling Agency that provided the Models who tolerated three days of absolute torment and torture we’ve put them through.

To Say it Ain’t Show, and Tiuffo Woodrunner for the promotions work and providing the venue.

To Athan Ansar For DJing and announcing and doing a kick ass job.

To Liannhon Homewood, for her fabulous live performances of Sarah Brightman. (Who frankly she sounded better than)

And to all the folks and bloggers who turned out to make it a great big laggy success!

Now I can finally show you the new release I put out for the show.

Fred and I collaborated again on a pair of outfits that coordinate, and named them after the lead couple from the movie Slumdog Millionaire. Latika is my work.  Jamal is Fred’s.

Paired with Fred’s Jamal:

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