Stumbling Around…Style Post

So, I logged in earlier to a lovely capped pile of IMs and messages, and Delora Starbrook from Haven Designs kicks me over the Sundress she made for the Stumblebum Brigade.

Lemme just say.  It has a CUTE.

Delora’s latest stuff has been a little more mainstream lately, which I totally dig on. And getting this just gave me happies.  The biggest reason?  Because I could totally Halal it up.

So, I matched it off with my own (Sakinah) pink Khadira Top and the Hijab (Set to the Pink Scarf and White Underscarf), My ever so reliable Iunno jeans in the regular wash and these adorable wedges from Kookie.  Delora’s Bertille Bracelets were a spot on match to pick up the turquoise in the print on the dress, and Fishy Strawberry’s College Glasses were a great match in pink. Polish the whole thing off with the Ari Hanbag in Camel/Bronze from Cherry, and I love the look.

The skin and eyes are from Tuli. The Skin is the new Tanya, which, I fell in love with for the smoothness and subtle makeup. The Eyes are from the Gem Collection and these are Topaz.

The Poses I used for this are from Exposeur, which, in case you didn’t catch it below, is having a 100L sale on all the Pose Packs.

And there you have it.  Again, this look is all about layering and prim attachments to cover and neutralize the shape without completely killing it off.

I know in real life it can be a huge challenge to pull off the coverage, especially in the heat.  But Summer tends to come with lighter and more airy fabrics.  Second Life kind of reflects that same thought.  More flowing airy stuff with a lighter more cheery look.

Hope you enjoyed it.  And Happy Shopping!

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