I’ve known Elysium Eilde, who owns elymode for almost as long as I’ve been in SL.  Which, in Second Life terms, is a pretty long time.  We both remember a time where there were no sculpt maps, and when the SL Sun had “1,000,000” imprinted on it.  We remember an SL before Windlight, and she was doing amazing work even then.

So there are no pictures I can take that can even come close to touching what she is capable of.  She branched out into clothing design, and has brought her skills to the wearable arena.  Which I love, of course.

One of the things I noticed about her clothing line, is that she really has fun with layers.  Which, as posts before have stated, I love to love layers.  So I said to myself.. and to Plurk, “I’m gonna do an Ely Post”

Now for you Hijabi rocking chicks out there, her skirts, are absolute essentials.  This is her Soft Denim Skirt in Blue.  Matched up with her red bodysuit and her blue short sweater.

I did a shot in a pair of Inferno 88 Jeans from Decoy in the Midnight Wash, to show off these classy Felicia heels in Navy from SLink.  The Skin is Tuli’s Tanya, the Eyes Poetic Colors in Christmas Memories, which was freebie once.  The Pose is AnaLu from Exposeur.

I picked those pieces under the initial thought that the Khadira hijab would match up.  I was mistaken.  So now I had a dilemma.  How could I do a style post without a hot headscarf to add to the mix?

Can’t.  But I can just.. Make another Hijab.  So I did.  I’ve been promising a plainer Pashmina style for what?  Ever?  Yeah so.  I got it done.  Using the fun drapey look I pulled off with Latika, I redid the fringe work, and came up with 15 new textures.  Like all my Stand Along Hijabs, this one is texture change on touch, with the underscarf changing independent of the overscarf. Which gives you a ridiculous number of different combinations.  I have some dark rich colors, and some softer pastels in there for you to mix and match as you see fit.

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