Syn’s a Nerd!!

Yeah I am.  When it comes to literature, I’m a big goofy nerd.

I’m an irreverent nerd, though.  So I don’t hold the classics up as some kind of sacred chalice never to be touched by the poisonous influence of mass media.

That being said, Books to Movies are all the hotness in recent years.  The “Twlight” craze being at the fore.  Now before I go any further, let me cover this.  Vampires kinda gross me out.  It’s the blood thing.  Gives me the willies.

That being said, a good monster SHOULD give me the willies.  And that’s my disappointment with Twilight (among other things but I won’t go all snobbish literary here).  Meyer took a perfectly scary Heebie Jeebie inducing monster, and made him…sparkle.

So, in an irreverent nod to when vampires were monsters and Vampire Hunters were kicking butt, I counter the “Team Edward” and “Team Jacob” T-Shirts with my own.

Yep.  That’s Hugh Jackman as the best butt kicker of bloodsuckers (and other creepy crawlies) Van Helsing.  So join me on Team Jackman, when monsters were monsters and were hunted by rugged hotness.

Keep sparkling, nancy boy.

The T-shirt is free.  I kicked it out to my subscriber group last night.  IM me if you want one.

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