Pinking up the Navy – SySy

SySy Chapman of Sy Sy’s Design is a fun designer with a LOT of talent.  She puts out quality over quantity but at first glance.. and I ran into this when I was walking through her store, it was going to be a challenge to to find something Adorable that could also be Halal.

The Teiya baby doll dress is this cute halter mini that just begged to be a fluffy tunic top.  I tucked my own Khadira top in Pink underneath it and was pleased with the match up.  I love a soft pink with a good navy blue.  The dark/light contrast has a softness to it, and the the feminine of pink with the dark masculine of navy just works for me.  SySy’s pink here is a great soft snuggly color and it just makes me want to hug something.

I told you elymode’s Skirts were essentials, and I show that here.  The skirt is the same soft denim in navy (again, a great navy) from the last style post.  These chunky wooden bracelets from Pacadi worked out pretty cute with it as well.  And I am rapidly becoming a fan of my own Pashmina Hijab.  Which, as you can see, pulls this all together nicely.  The Shoes are those fab classy SLink Felicia pumps.

What I love about snagging these babydoll dresses is that they make fabulous tunic tops.  SySy made it a point here, with the layered skirting, to set it to three different attachment points, which means the whole thing moves well with the avatar even through a relatively fidgety animation overrider.  Though my own Animation overrider isn’t really fidgety.

And I didn’t change out the skin or eyes.  Still Tuli and Poetic Colors. The Poses this time are from Glitterati.

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