Yay for Fads!

So.  I have a new outfit more or less done.  Another patterned tunic top with some nice tailored pants.  I just need to get it built in world.

But I got sidetracked by the Shoe Fair build.  Delora Starbrook does this build every year, four sims of Shoes.  Let me repeat that for you FOUR SIMS OF SHOES.  Which is pretty awesome.

Around shoe fair are these “Gacha” machines.  Where you pay the machine a small amount of lindens and win a prize.  You get a prize every time you pay.  Some of these are set up with rare prizes, which while the normal prizes are pretty awesome as it is, the rare prizes are usually enough to make someone happy dance.

I love this idea.  I love this idea so much, I now have three of these in my mainstore.

So here’s the deal.  There’s a lot of prizes in there.  And you’re always getting more than your money’s worth when you pay in.  There’s some of my older silk sets in there, some of the color change hijabs, some limited edition stuff that I don’t have out as a regular purchase.

And there’s some rare stuff.  Full outfits, limited edition full outfits, things like that.  100L gets you something.  Something that you would normally pay at least 200L for.  So the bare minimum discount you get is 50%  There’s some Fat Packs in there too, as rares.

So feel free to stop on by and play.  I found them incredibly fun, hope you will too. 🙂

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