SHOOOOES!!! Shoe Fair 2010

So this past Monday, Delora IMs me.. near to panic.  She does the Shoe Fair sim build every year. And this year she had four Sims, and less than a week to get them built and online.  I was glad to pop in with advice, and small builds, like the sim crossing signs and the corn fields, and landscaping.  Oh and keep her grinning and having fun.  Honestly?  I had a blast helping out.

The benefit here was that I got to get in early.  It’s open now.  But I got to troll through and pick up some shoes.

Shoes, by the way, are a staple of the Muslima fashion diet.  Let’s be honest, no matter what culture you come from, what you wear, a great pair of shoes is a universal.

So I made sure to snag some awesome.

I totally rocked my Pashina Hijab here, with Zaara’s La Femme Turtleneck in White, League Garage Jeans in Turquoise, Fishy Strawberry’s College Glasses, and LAQ’s Imani Skin in Nougat.  But you wanna hear about the shoes, right?

Those are J’s Engineer Boots in Light Brown.  Pick them up at Shoe Fair.  The Pose is LAP.

Now, I knew where all the cool Picture spots were, since I helped set them up.

I kept the Pashmina on for this one, and the same skin and glasses.  a Different crouch from LAP.  The Coat is from Bare Rose, which I love trolling for neat pieces to mix up with other things, like League’s Ripped 78’s here.

It all seemed to work great with one of my FAVE Shoe Fair purchases.. the GOS 8-Hole Boots are, I think the steal of the show.  Grab these now.  They’re 300L at Shoe Fair, and will go up to 1175L afterward.  What I love?  Is one pair of shoes changes to three different styles.  I chose the Abused here, but you can have them loose and floppy or high and tight as well.

Now, one of the BIG NEWS things about Shoe Fair?  Is the return of Fallingwater Cellardoor of Shiny Things!  She’s kicked out two new Designs for the Fair, and I show one here.  This me in front of the Tractor (TRACTOR!!!!) and one of my totally cute awesome Sim Crossing Signs.

These are the Zimmy Flats.  Matched up with League’s Garage Jeans, Whippet & Buck’s Henley top in black and Aoharu’s Checkered shirt in Red.  The pose?  Totally Gliteratti for Shoe Fair and available in a Gacha Machine!

Check out the Awesome Silo in the background here:

Sakinah has one there too!  You can click on them and get landmarks to show the Event Sponsors some love too!

So get out here, Have fun and shop for a great cause!

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