Eye Drama! Elymode Meets Tuli

I’ve extolled before Elysium Eilde’s Mad Graphics skills, her clothing line that inspired the first color run for the Pashimina Hijab, and now?  Just.. Wow.

She teamed up with Tuli Astarias of Tuli Skins to create a series of make ups that apply over Tuli’s Jade Skin.

Now now before you get into it with me about how heavy make up is not halal, because it draws attention, let me first say that Dramatic make up is was practically born in the Middle East.  We, with our kohl-lined eyes and dark lashes.  In some styles of dress, the eyes are one of the few ways a woman can express her style.

And Ely has STYLE.

Since Ely’s color scheme inspired the Pashmina Hijab, it literally dead on matches her Make Ups. (Which had me making funny little happy noises when I discovered this)

I matched this off with SySy’s Mix and Match outfit available exclusively at Shoe Fair.  I LOVE the waist wrap here, and the jeans.  And the sweater.  And the.. yeah you get the point.

Heres a close up on the make up:

DRAMA EYES!  I really don’t think this is too much.. and WISH I could accomplish a make up like that in real life.  In real life, I consider it a good day if I haven’t poked myself in the eye with the kohl stick.  Speaking of eyes, those are Poetic Colors in Oak.

Now here’s the trick.  The Makeups are on the Tattoo layer of the avatar.  Which means you either need an SL Viewer 2 compliant viewer.  They ONLY work with Tuli’s Jade skins, and be careful! Make sure you get the make up in the same skin tone as the Jade Skin you’ll be wearing.  Ely blended the make ups into the skin tone, and if you make that mistake you can REALLY see the difference (I think I described it as a dirty sad clown face.)

But when you have the combo right?  Isn’t that just amazing?  It blends perfectly. It’s Gorgeous.  And it Matches the Pashmina!

I’ll do more posts with the other make ups, but this one right now is my favorite combination, so I HAD to show it off.

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