Ramadan Kareem!

Today is the First of Ramadan!  You know, for a month of dry fasting during the day, I sure do like this time of year.  Because it’s not just about the fasting.

Don’t get me wrong.  The fasting is good.  It cleans your soul, cleans your head.  The first week or so is pretty tough and you’re bouncing around at the end of the day when the Iftar (The meal that breaks the fast) is almost done and the house smells like food and you’re SOOOOOO hungry just watching the clock and waiting for the Adhan (Prayer call) to start.  I usually break the fast with a date and a bottle of water.  And let me tell you, that first date? Tastes like heaven.

Then the big dinner, and people come over and you talk and laugh and eat and be together, and it’s like a party that goes on all night.  You might have some time to catch a nap before Suhoor, which is the meal you eat before sunrise.

In a Muslim Nation it’s so amazing, the whole country goes through the day quiet and sleepy and then sunset happens and the lights come on and the people come out and the whole world just comes alive!

I so excited that this year, I get to spend part of Ramadan in Egypt.  I’m looking forward to a crowded noisy Khan al Khalili market at Iftar!  And some foods I haven’t had in a long time, like stuffed pigeon and koshary, and mom’s molokhia.

I try to do something special for my sisters in Second Life during this time of year, and even with the trip coming up on me fast, I got a new release out yesterday.

Rasha is an outfit with a short tunic top with an embroidered embellishment, smart tailored slacks, a soft warm brown hijab, and some pretty gold and tortoiseshell bracelets.  I designed this so the prim parts are optional.  The top still looks good without the skirt attachment or scarf. And everything comes on multiple layers so you can get creative with how you use it.

It’s available individually, the Pants, Scarf, Bracelets and one color of the tunic top, for 350L.  Or like the ads above show, you can get four tunic tops with the pants, scarf and bracelets for 650L.

I also usually do a gift for my customers for Eid al Fatr, which celebrates the end of Ramadan.  But this year, I’ll be offline and with family!  But I can’t forget the people who make my Second Life so meaningful.  So I will be doing a gift, everyone will just get theirs early this year!

I won’t tell you what it is yet. 🙂  That’s a surprise!

But a big Ramadan Kareem to all of you!  Next Post is an important Style Post, and it’s a LONG one, but it has a lot of pictures and explanations. 🙂

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