Sn@tch This Up!

Okay so.

I’ve been working on this ridiculously long tutorial type post that will go into lurid detail on using layers on your Avatar to layer clothes.  It’s a LOT of pictures for me to take, and a lot of explanation.  And probably some horrible insight into WHY SL Clothing designers do a lot of swearing.

So While I’ve been working on that?  I get my Sn@tch Update card.  And Dropped what I was doing in like.. a Millisecond.

You ever see something it doesn’t even have to grow on you.  It’s just.. instant love?

Hello Shiki Tunic Dress!

The attraction was literally instant.  I HAD to Have it.  I HAD to Blog it. I HAD to put Khadira as an undershirt on it and my Pashmina scarf.

I also had to adjust the jeebers out of it.  But.  Even that’s not hard.  And, As you can see, Totally worth it.

I matched this version of Shiki Dress..I really do LOVE the silver, with Sn@tch’s Studded Cross Boyfriend Jeans.  Which, are some of my very favorite jeans in SL.  They’re long, fit loose, and still look awesome.  I used the Light wash here.

The Skin is from Tuli, her new Audrey Skin. I love the smooth texture work here, and the great make up.  Again, things I would do if I could in RL.

The Eyes are Poetic Colors in Cool Night.  I like how I can’t always tell if they’re blue, or purple or green, it depends on what I’m wearing that pulls the colors to the fore.

I whipped out my Glitterati Fence (freebie yay!) and parked it on that in my skybox for the shot.  And yes, that’s what my workshop looks like.  Well the outside of it, anyways.

Ivey, besides being one of those awesome everything-comes-on-multiple-layers designers, is also one of those When you buy something, you get it in all the colors for one reasonable price.  So when you pick up Shiki.. and you will.  You actually get it in FIVE colors.  Which means.. I had to do another shot.

Here I took her Red Shiki Dress, tucked the Khadira top beneath it and tinted it to match the Wine colored Studded Cross Boyfriend Jeans.  I changed the textures on my Hijab to match.  I took one look and said.. “Ah Heck.  Where’s Ely’s Make ups.  That needs to be done”  So I switched to my Jade Skin from Tuli and Added Elysium Eilde’s Astarte 3 Makeup.  Which is a little more oomph in the colors than the first one I blogged.

Okay that was a wonderful diversion.  Go forth unto the world and shop!  And I’ll keep working on this tutorial 😀

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One Response to Sn@tch This Up!

  1. Ohhh you look awesome! Thank you so much for showing these. I think the’re so versatile and you just proved it. Wonderful!

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