Leavin’ On a Jet Plane…

I’ve expressed a lot of excitement for the upcoming trip to Egypt.  And for a lot of different reasons.

And I want those happy excited thoughts to stay in the front of my mind and heart.  But there’s a lot of fear lurking too.

First.  I hate flying on Commerical liners.  Because I can’t see where I’m going, and I don’t have a lot of control, or even a sense of being where I am, I get freaked out easily. Add on the crowds that come with commerical liners, and the declining quality of service?  And really, if there was a way to just knock me out for the whole trip and wake me up when we get there.. That would be grand.  Unfortunately, no matter how hard I try I can’t sleep on a plane.  And seriously.  I’ve tried everything.  (Let me tell you now.  Never ever ever stay awake through an Ambien.  The walls melt.  I kid you not.)

Secondly.  I’m scared I will feel so incredibly out of place.  It’s been a long while since I’ve dealt with crowds, or a lot of people at all.  I’ve gotten used to my small isolated groups.  I’m scared I won’t meet what’s expected of me.  I’m scared of a lot things.

But fear is put in our hearts as a challenge.  And I’m facing mine.

So while I’m confessing –

While most of my Blog Posts have to do with showing Muslima’s in SL how to keep modest using mainstream fashion, I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not always all covered up in SL myself.

When I’m building?  Yeah, I’ll spare you those pictures of me half dressed and bald on a Pose Stand fitting prims.

But A lot of times, when I’m just hanging in my skybox.. I look a lot like this:

The Hair and Ballcap there is from Truth, The flannel shirt is Aoharu, the tank underneath is Maitreya, the Jeans are League.  The Blogger’s Chair is from {what next].

So that’s me.  Not a lot of fancy great accessories or snazzy color matching.  That’s kind of what I tend to look like in Real Life too.  Curled up at home with a keyboard in my lap, thinking of what I want to make or write or whatever.

I can’t really get away with that look when we are in Egypt.  I have a whole other wardrobe for Travel.  Very modular and put together and coordinating and low maintenance.  It’s already in its suitcases.

I think that picture sort of expresses how I feel.  Sitting on the edge of my seat, fidgeting, bags packed, just waiting for the scary and exciting ahead.  The Hair is again, from Truth; The Sweater is Aoharu, and the Furniture {what next}

I Find myself muttering around my SL, making sure all my Tier is paid up and in advance, that I don’t have too much hanging out there pending, that things are getting done or will be done in time.Oh Look.  More Truth Hair! I have a sinfully decadent collection of the stuff to be honest. You might not think someone who makes Hijabs would have a lot of hair.  Oh..my. Umm.  I have a LOT of Hair.

The top is from Aitui.  And That’s my Skybox Wheatfield, so that means I’m parked on my Glitterati Fence.. worrying while trying not to look worried.

I get complimented on that view from my workshop a good bit.  And as part of my Ramadan Gift, I thought I’d share a piece of it.  So I made a Skybox.  Nothing terribly fancy.  a Simple 20 x 20 with stepped floors, some simple distressed wood columns and a picture window that mimics the view out of my skybox.

If you’re in my Subscriber Kiosk, you should have it.  If you’re not.. drop by my Mainstore.  I plan on kicking it back out there one more time before I go.  And of course to anyone who IMs me. 🙂  There’s other things in the box too.  Furniture I’ve built, a Tote Bag in argyle and tweed.  Just knick knacks and fun things I wanted to share. 🙂

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