Sakinah Vacation Policy

Okay folks.

I’ve expressed my excitement, my worry, my anticipation with my upcoming trip.  Hopefully to some degree of entertainment for you.

But I haven’t been very clear about this is going to be affecting my ability to handle customer issues.  So Let me be clear about that here.

Egypt isn’t exactly the end of the universe.  But, the internet connection there maxes out at 2 megs of broadband.. IF I can get broadband.  I will NOT be spending my trip holed up in a broom closet attending to Second Life.  So my Actual Log ins will be spotty at BEST.  It’s very possible I won’t log in to SL at all.

Now normally?  I have my cell phone, and my phone can text client and log in to SL so I can handle inventory and the like.

I don’t get that in Egypt.  The Data Roaming charges simply are not worth it.  So I will not be able to log in to SL, I will not be receiving my Emails over my phone, I will not be able to respond to you using my phone.

So this does something very weird… It puts me pretty much totally out of touch.

Which means I need to explain some changes to the store policy while I’m on Vacation.  Everything goes back to normal when I am back.  But all the same…

  • I will not be doing custom fittings or accepting appointments for custom fittings.
  • I can not offer refunds or manual redeliveries.  My In-World Vendors all have a redelivery system, just left click on them and follow the pop up menu.  If there’s a delivery failure from Xstreet, You’ll have to handle it via Xstreet’s Support system.

Basically?  I’m offline for three weeks.  If I do get to log in?  I’ll handle what’s the most urgent first.

I’m sorry. I know that’s annoying.  I’m doing everything I can to make sure everything is updated and working before I leave.  But Basically if something goes wrong.. it just goes wrong, and while I do care about my customers and have always worked to provide on the spot customer service, Problems are just going to have to wait.

Syn needs a vacation.  Syn is taking a vacation.  I love you all dearly, but once.. just once.  You can’t be my first priority.

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