Staying a Bit Longer

We’re Having a wonderful time in Egypt.  I’ve gotten so many great ideas for new things to make for you guys when I get home!  I’ve taken about a million pictures!

But Some family business is making things seem like it will be pushing our luck to be able to leave and return to the US when we planned, which was on the 21st of September.  Erring on the side of Caution, we have moved our tickets to October 4th.  So I will be back in world October 5th.

That being said; I can.. at VERY irregular intervals, log in world on a very limited basis.  my Average connection speed is only about 512kbs; and this laptop is not meant to handle the graphics load that SL, Photoshop, etc require.

So, by way of Compromise, I’m going to… starting tomorrow, start posting pictures of what some of my Favorite Hijabis are wearing in RL.

A picture I will not be posting?  Me in a Halal Swimsuit.  I tried one out for the first time last weekend.  Not sure I dig it.

Love you guys dearly!


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