I’m Home! And Blogger Challenge!

So we made it home safely October 5th.  Jet Lag has been beating my butt hard.  But I’m recovering, I have a TON of Ideas, some great pictures (If only I can find the bloody cable to connect the camera), and fabulous souvenirs.

So I need to catch up on my Blogger Challenges.  This weeks is formals, with a bonus blog for the color Orange.  As I love Orange, and I love dressy dresses, I decided to rock the 2 for 1, and do an Orange Formal!

Dress: SySy’s Vaya Gown in Orange

Undershirt:  Madison’s Creations Modesty Undershirt in white (Tinted to match)

Hijab: Sakinah Rasha Dupatta

Bracelets: Mandala Takara Animal Print in Gold

Skin: Tuli Gina 06 (The Dressing Room)

Eyes:  Poetic Colors Liquid Amber

Pose: Long Awkward Pose

I love love love this dress from SySy, with it’s exotic flair and brilliant colors it’s just so much win.  It makes me think of all the women I saw at the wedding in Alexandria, getting out of their cars and walking to the reception halls, a waft of swooshing satins and bright colors and bright perfumes.  Who says You can’t be modest and still rock the formalwear?

I paired it off with the Rasha Hijab, though I’m seriously wanting to build one of those tightly wrapped elaborate Egyptian style hijabs with all the pins and sparkles and flowers.  The Bangles from Mandala carry the brown over to match with the orange well, I think.

I’m a die hard Tuli fan, and this skin is no exception.  I’m so glad she’s taking the Gina line and pulling it into an actual full scale skin line.  The make up and coloring are so smooth and elegant and grown up without looking overdone.

LAP remains one of my Go To Gals for great simple poses that look great and work well with I’m wearing.

Much love to my peeps.  And it’s so good to be home!

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