Syn was a Spartan for a Day!

Michigan State University, for those not up on their US Colleges, is in Lansing, Michigan.  Most people know the football team, The Spartans; and a good handful know that Lansing also houses a fairly large Islamic Community. (Dearborn is nearby and actually has the largest Islamic community in the US)

I have a friend who works for their Writing Center, Winterbourne Wickentower; which actually has a presence in SL. The Writing Center helps students and faculty with projects and papers.  Their SL Presence not only makes them easily accessible in a 3-D environment, it introduces students to using Second Life as a tool for communication.

So when Winter came up with an idea and messaged me for help, it wasn’t like I was going to say no.

He wanted MSU Volunteers with an in-world presence to have an outfit that reflected both who they work for, and that looked nice.  I was happy to oblige; and so we came up with this:

That’s Winter in the Ad Shot with me.  The Outfit will be given to the Writing Center workers at the MSU Writing Center in world.

Thanks Winter for the opportunity to help out!

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