Finally Decided what I’m doing for Pink Hijab Day!!!

You guys know I like doing things for Pink Hijab Day.
It’s a great day where we get a chance to reach out to the community around and de-mystify Islam as we de-mystify breast cancer and fight against both Ignorance and a killer disease.
I made a Tunic Top and a Skirt and a New Hijab.
So Monday, the Outfit will be available in my Store.  I kept the cost low, basically just to cover the upload fees; so this is a nice opportunity to pick this up before it gets pulled and pulled apart into the Separates line for Fall that will be coming out in November.
That being said, I can’t leave my sisters without a pink hijab for the big day.
So I took the color change pink hijab from last year, ad tweaked with the build a bit to pull it more in line with how my hijabs are looking now.  And that.. for one week, will be available for free in my Mainstore.
So there’s your update on things, and I hope you enjoy it.
BTW if you’re a blogger, kick me an IM or a Comment here, and I’ll send you the PHD Amal complimentary, so long as you get the word out about Pink Hijab Day!
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2 Responses to Finally Decided what I’m doing for Pink Hijab Day!!!

  1. Leila says:

    Assalaamu alaikum from Bulgaria! I would like to know where we may see your clothes “store”, and wish to know about Pink Hijab Day outfit – it’s really good, but where we mau buy it from?

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