Wear Purple Day!

To a lot of people.. this is going to sound weird.  And you know what?  I’m actually okay with that.

Before I start the rant, let me explain that today is Wear Purple Day.  Which is a Day where people wear purple in support of stopping violence and bullying against people with, I think the appropriate term is “Alternative Sexual Lifestyles.” Whether you call it the GLBT Community, or the Gay Community or whatever; it doesn’t matter.

There has been a spate of deaths revolving around bullying and violence toward people, teenagers and adults, who are Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual or Transgendered.  Violence is just wrong.  Even the Qu’ran says that to kill an innocent is to kill the whole of mankind.  Islam is a religion of peace and these ideas people have today of tolerance are Islamic ideas.

Yet, it’s in Islamic countries where we see some of the most violent outbursts toward these people.  That’s kind of backwards to me.

So today I’m wearing purple.

Let start by explaining you don’t have to agree with the lifestyle in order to not want to hurt or kill someone.  We disagree over things every day and manage not to act out violently.  So why this?  And what does the violence actually solve?  More importantly, what harm does it do to you and your faith…your Deen… to reply to this with violence?

It does a lot of harm actually.  How can a faith that founded on equality, that tells us to defend the weak and injured not be shaken when we bully people, for whatever reason?  When we become the oppressors, we’ve damaged our Deen.

Each of us is accountable to God for our own actions, right?  So do you really want to be accountable for being a bullying violent oppressor? Even if you think it’s a problem that needs to be solved, since when do you set a better example with your fists than with your heart?

My personal take on the whole thing is that the only sexual behavior I really need to ever worry over is my own; and that what other people do with their love lives is neither my business or concern.

So yes.  I support any movement of non-violence. And so today I wear purple.  Because Violence is never the answer.

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