Fantasia’s Cleopatra

“If it be Love indeed, tell me how much.” Anthony & Cleopatra Act1, Scene1

My friend Dream Resistance; Designer of Fantasia Fantasy Clothiers, is an actress.  She’s been inspired lately by the costumes she’s seen on stage and decided to bring them in world.

The story of Cleopatra VII; the last of Ptolemaic Rulers, and the last ruler before Egypt came under Roman control, is romanticized and fascinating.  It’s one of the great mysteries in Egypt; as her legendary tomb hasn’t been found yet.  But we know her story in various incarnations, and it has a significance to me as most of it took place in Alexandria.

It’s romantic and tragic and has been told a thousand upon a thousand times.  And Dream stayed true to that spirit when she made this outfit. Jockeying between understated and luxurious, Cleopatra comes in five colors.  I chose the blue here.  The jewelry and headpiece are included.

I paired it here with SLink’s Ain Egyptian Sandals; Tuli’s Tanya skin, and an old Armidi Hairstyle called Milano that I think stayed true to the inspiration. The Eyes are from Poetic Colors.. Naturally. And the pose is from Glitterati.

Whether you roleplay, or just want an Egyptian Costume, this is a great choice.  Dream stayed true to the style, kept her own distinctive colors and flair, and brought some newness to the table.

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