Syn’s Hands

Tuesday was a little tough for me.  I won’t go into a grand political rant.  I’ll just say that midterm elections did not turn out the way I would have liked for them to.  Regardless, it’s pretty awesome to be in a country where there ARE real elections.  And it’s pretty awesome to be able to participate in them.  To know that my hand helps makes decisions for the place I live.

Speaking of hands….

I woke up this morning to an email.  An offline message from Second Life saying that Siddean Munroe of SLink had sent me a present.  She knew I was kind of down about the election results, And hoped this might cheer me up.

This, by the way is prim hands.  These beautiful long-fingered, perfectly-manicured and delicately jeweled prim hands.

They come with Sid’s classic insanely wonderful easy to use skin matching HUD.  Matching the hands was a good bit different from matching feet.  The lighting is different in SL, and it took me a little longer to get used to that.  But I’m happy with the result.  One of the things I love is that Sid gives us a lot of control over the aspects of the color of the skin, without making it complicated to use.  These are matched to Tuli’s Jade skin in tone 3; which is totally on sale right now at HALF OFF until November 15th.

And just to make it clear that it IS a good match. I didn’t do anything to this image in Photoshop other than to crop it down and kick up the contrast so you could see just how solid the match is.  Oh and add a border.  Theres no smudging or blurring or clone brushing or spot healing or any of the other tricks we might use to fix little fudges in SL images.   Nope.  That’s pretty much straight out of my viewer.

I love the jewelry here too.  It’s tasteful and understated.. and, if you like, can be removed so you can wear bracelets from other creators.  The hands’ position can be changed to flex upward or curl downward for photos.  And that can be done separately, so one hand can flex and the other can curl, or however you want to combine it.  They’re straight here for this pose from exposeur.

Now why am I making a big deal out of this?  Because there are schools of thought (not that I agree with them entirely) that say a Muslim woman can only show her hands and her face.  So if you’re going to show your hands, shouldn’t they be as nice looking as possible?

I know my real life is muddled with manicures and pedicures.  I’ll even tell you a secret about myself here.  Without the gel overlays, I bite my nails.  I know it’s a bad habit.  It’s a nervous fidgety habit, and I can’t stand the feeling of my nails catching or snagging on anything.  So if left to my own devices, I’d like to not have nails at all.  Except.. they’re so pretty.  So I get manicures and overlays put on my nails to keep me from destroying them.

The first time I went in, I got a “tsk tsk” from the manicurist, who explained that she’d have to use Acrylic nails first.  As my real nails grew under the acrylics, she applied gel, until the acrylics were gone. And now my nails, while not long (I still can’t stand long nails) are kept under an overlay of acrylic gel and French manicured.  I honestly just don’t trust myself to let them grow out and strengthen on their own.

So I was so happy to be able to have these perfectly pretty hands in Second Life.  With long perfect nails that I don’t have to fight to keep.

Hands: SLink – De Jolie Mains – Relaxed

Top:  Jane – tailgate tube.marine

Pants: Jane – 52 Jeans Regular Wash

Skin: Tuli – Jade tone 3

Hair: Maitreya – Evi II

Pose: Exposeur

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