OMG It’s Cold!!!!

Okay.  Syn has had…issues.  So this new line I was going to kick out in November?  When I actually got everything uploaded; and was looking at it?  I hated it.  My General rule of thumb is if I make something I wouldn’t wear, I’m not putting it out there for you guys.  And every designer I know, makes mistakes from time to time.    So.  I hated it, scrapped it and am starting over.  Which takes a bit of time.

That being said, if you live in the US?  It’s THAT time of year.  You know the one I’m talking about.  The Time of year that has you singing “Jingle Bells” for no apparent reason other than its been played in every store you walked into about seven times?  Don’t get me wrong.  I actually love what I now refer to collectively as ‘The Holiday Season.”  There’s more to it than just Christmas.  There’s Chaunnakah, Kwanzaa, Yule, and every so often, one of the Eids will fall into that time frame as well.  So It’s easier for me to generically refer to it as the Holiday season.  The spirit is largely the same no matter what you call it.  And overall I like to think of it as a way to stave off the depression that comes with Winter.

In Egypt, this is a great time of year.  They days aren’t oppressively hot so you can walk the streets.  Alexandria even gets a little chilly and rainy this time of year; like the whole city gets a month long bath.  The seashore, to me takes on a whole different aspect; the deep turquoise of the Med churns up to this darker more solemn picture, and its a reminder to me that the sea is just as dangerous as it is lovely.

But if you live in a place like Dearborne, Michigan?  (The Largest Muslim immigrant populous in the United States)  It’s just friggin COLD.

This time of year in SL isn’t a bad time if you’re a Muslima either.  People put out seasonal clothes.  And winter clothes tend to cover a lot more.  It’s easier now to find coats and jacket and sweaters that don’t dip into the cleavage line.

So, for my chilly sisters out there?

Janie Marlowe, who rebranded and rebuilt a line of really great functional clothing called JANE didn’t take long to establish herself as one of my go-to gals.  The Mrs. Luv jacket here, in Autumn Plaid, is colorful and cuddly warm all at once.  Paired off with her Aviator Sweater in Honey and her 52.jeans in the classic wash, is both practical and attractive.

I capped the look with the Pashmina Hijab; the Cream being a pretty tidy match for the soft yellows Janie uses.  Add on the great Short Strap Tote in Camel from {So Many Styles}, and you’re definitely covered and warm.

I’ll get to the boots in a minute I promise.  I know they rock.  Yes.

Now, while I was in So Many Styles, I found this phenom sweater:

The Winter Sweater is EXACTLY the kind of sweater I love to wear in RL.  Long, drapey, and still cute as a button.  I could easily see this as winter wear in Alex.

And the boots.  I think everyone knows I adore Siddean Munroe of SLink.  So it really shouldn’t surprise you the happy noises I made when she sent these.  Winter boots always feel clunky to me in RL, and in SL, they rapidly approach the realm of “Anime Feets.”  That is, boots that are so unreasonably big that they just stop making sense.  Sid managed with her new Blair line to get the look of Winter boots without crossing over into the ridiculous.

I love the buckle strap detailing, and the optional sock top on these.  And they still manage to look sleek, but practical.  They really do make me happy.

I just cant seem to peel myself out of my Tuli Jade skin in tone 3 anymore than I could my Poetic Colors eyes in Tarn.

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