Happy Distractions

Believe it or not I really have been working, though not on what I’m supposed to be working on.

See.  I started making a sweater.  Then, I started thinking about that famous bust of Nefertiti, and how that would be a really neat headdress to make.  And then I wondered what she might have worn with it.

Then I started making something to go with it.

Then I thought about these statues of Hapshepsut in Luxor.  And how that headdress was a nice one, and wondered if I could capture that too.

Then I got asked to be a featured merchant at one of the markets I have a stall in.  Which, if I’m going to do that I wanted to do something special for the occasion.

Then, and then, and then.

I think, by now, I’m coming to the conclusion that I do releases sporadically, according to whatever mood I’m in when I build something.  I really do wish sometimes I could be one of those people that just churns out something new and awesome every week.  But, that’s just not me.  I like working when inspiration strikes, and going where my imagination takes me.

I also will not put out anything until I’m relatively happy with it.  So I’ll start a lot of things with good inspiration but I’ll hate the execution.  And when that happens, I scrap the whole thing and start from scratch.

This by the way is really incongruous with my personality.  I’m one of those people who, when given a task, just buckles down and gets it done.  I give myself permission to make a bad first draft, and I just go from there.  I make lists, and break up big projects into pieces, ticking off each task as I complete it.  So this is probably why I can build a sim in a couple of weeks, but may not turn out a new outfit for a few months.

And I have these happy little distractions:  Rock Band on the Xbox; Kanye West’s latest Album; the stories in my head that I want to write out; a sudden urge to make brownies from scratch; curling up with the hubby and watching movies on Netflix.

It’s not all me rambling though.  This is actually a heads up for a surprise for my Gorean customers.  From this coming Thursday to the next, there will be an outfit available at the Gorean Gateway where I will be the Featured Merchant for the week.  It will only be available there, and it will only be available for the week.  Then I’m putting it away.  By way of warning.  There is NOTHING modest about it.  It’s a bit of a throwback to my early days when I first designed silks that were more about decorating a body than covering it.

I’ll update later in the week with an SLurl and the pictures.  But it’s done, it’s boxed, and the ad shot has been critiqued by a few of my friends to get the nod from them.

Right now though, I’m going to enjoy the happy distraction of a little sleep.


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