A Wicked Awesome Trip

I don’t know if any of you play Rock Band 3.  But if you don’t know what it is, you basically portray some member of a rock band (Your choice of instrument…and the controllers look like instruments.  Or you can use a mic if you’re a singer), and you play various songs against a rhythm challenge (Press the right combination of buttons at the right time.).

So as I’m playing this, game (by the way I prefer the bass guitar or the microphone actually), there’s a pre-set list of songs set against the idea that your “band” is touring.  And one of them is through New England and called “Wicked Awesome Trip.”  Playing of course, against the Boston/New Englander accent and speaking patterns.  I swear this all makes sense in a minute, so bear with me.

So, if you’re in Boston this time of year?  It’s pretty cold.   And Boston makes me think of a few things.  Things that Reek has put out recently that I’ve quietly fallen in love with.

The Peacoat here comes in both Khaki and Red, has a scarf built into it that changes textures on command and.. it always a perfect fit over your Avatar’s chest because it comes with an alpha layer (a Viewer 2.0 feature) to derender your avatar’s chest!

This, of course merited a trip to The Dressing Room where Ys & Ys has this adorable bag out, and Natural Beauty has the lovely “Olga” Skin I’m wearing.

The Cargo Pants and Hijab are from Sakinah, naturally.

Now in that shot, you can’t see the shoes.  But I wanted to show the shoes because they really kind of are wicked awesome.

The Boston Boots here are, again, from Reek.  You can also get a version of them folded down and lined in shearling.

So.. Covered, toasty, and my toes are waterproof!  What more could a Muslima hope for?

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