Sakinah’s Moving

Sakinah is Moving

Yeah. I know. Again.

I’ve accepted an offer to move to the Sanctum Sim. A sim shared by Haven Designs, Slink Shoes and a soon to open business with what may be the only breedable pets I’ve ever actually decided I like.

There will be a brief time where the Sakinah store is offline, as I move it, and the servers. After that, I’ll be replacing the landmarks in my products and making a few changes that I really have just been putting off getting done.

Now the fun part? I’m cramming all of this in around Fashion for Life. Which, if you haven’t gotten the word yet, I’m one of the Co-Leads on. Harper Beresford of one of my favorite blogs: A Passion for Virtual Fashion ( is the other.

Fashion for Life is the redeux of what we’ve long since known as Clothing Fair, the huge fashion event that openes the Relay for Life Campaign in Sl, and one of the biggest fundraisers for the American Cancer Society in Second Life. This years it’s nine sims of designers from all over the grid, and the scope of the event has expended beyond clothes to include hair, shoes, skins, eyes: anything to enhance your avatar’s appearance.

There’s a region-wide hunt; dozens of Gacha machines, and of course 200 vendors spread over nine sims.

You guys know I always try to put out something new and shiny for RFL every year. And despite the heavy workload this year will not be the exception. There will be a Sakinah gacha located on the Bourke White sim (Those of us from Egypt may recognize where I got the build inspiration from). And of course I will have a store there with my usual RFL Exclusives and a New Outfit or two. (depending on what I can get done)

So. Yeah. I’m busy 🙂 Sakinah will go offline Probably on Tuesday, and I will try to have it back up and running its new location Before Fashion for Life Kicks off, but I’m not making promises.  Everything is still available on Marketplace though, and will stay that way throughout the move.

I will also have a store on the Bourke White sim for the Fashion for Life Event.  So you’ll be able to get a lot of things there as well.



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