Do Not Adjust Your Screen!

If anyone asks why I’m not as responsive as I usually am.  This is why.

I covered last post that I’m one of the leads for the Fashion for Life fundraiser for the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life.  You probably knew this as Clothing Fair in years previous.  This year the scope and size of the event has expanded to cover anything used to enhance avatar appearance including Clothes, Skin, Shoes, Eyes and Hair!  The bulk of my job is not only coordinating the rest of an incredibly awesome build team; but I’m building two of the sims myself.

And I couldn’t help it.  I had to bring in a little piece of home.  When I started?  I started building the Corniche from Alex, the area at Romle Square.  But then I said “Wait a second.  Porto Marina is basically a big mall, and totally fits Elikatira (The Sim’s Sponsor) so much better!”

Now.  Do not Adjust your screen.  It’s supposed to look like this.

Yes.  It’s in Grayscale.  There’s a reason for that that I’ll cover in another post, but the short version is that the theme this year is “Beyond Black and White.”  Cancer isn’t a black and white issue.  And thanks to the efforts of organizations like ACS, options for treatment, and chances of survival are broadened.

I am so thrilled year to really have my hands in a cause I’ve been a participant in for years. And I’ve been both deeply honored and greatly privileged to work with some fantastic people.

Fashion for Life opens March 12th and will continue through March 22nd.  And what you guys are getting with this shot here is just a teeny taste of what to expect.  I can’t wait for you guys to come and shop your hearts out for a great cause at such a huge event!

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