On Being Honored

If I have seen further than others, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants. -Sir Isaac Newton-

Fashion for Life opened to a rousing start, and has held pretty steady over the past couple of days.  As both Harper and I are flush with compliments and praise; I find myself looking around at the shoulders of the giants I’m standing on; and am truly humbled.

I think that there are few things a content creator can do for someone that mean more than allowing that person to be a creative inspiration.  I know that it’s something I do rarely, if ever.  That would be, for me at least, because it would be an impossible task.  If I created something for every person who inspired me?  Well, I’d never get everything done.

So I think it’s difficult really for me to express my surprise when not just one, but two content creators participating in Fashion for Life honored me like this. I’d like to tell both stories, not just to share with readers, but so that I have them written down, and that way I know I’ll never forget.

Part of plotting out the look and feel for Fashion for Life, was deciding how each sim would actually look beyond the vague concept of simply grayscale.  Each sim is a reflection of its sponsor, matched to the style and mode that sponsor expresses in their work.  I made these decisions by walking around in each Sim Sponsor’s mainstore, since I like to think that would be the venue they had most freedom to express themselves in.

When you walk around in LaPointe & Bastchild; it’s very clean and bright.  There’s a LOT of things to see, and they’ve arranged it so things don’t seem as cluttered as they could be.  But as I look at the style, my mind kept turning toward the French Quarter in New Orleans.  I have no real idea why.  Maybe the Fleur de Lis in their logo, maybe just kismet.

When Paul LaPointe and Bastchild Lotus came to see the sim for the first time, before I had finished it out all the way, and before the designers were setting up their stores, I learned that I had accidentally or through fate, hit a touchstone for both of them.  A loving and funny couple, I learned that New Orleans held a lot of significance for them.  They were touched that I’d picked up that theme and ran with it.

And then they took it and went a step further.  Their FFL Releases are New Orleans inspired.  And when Paul sent me these boots, and told me I’d inspired them, I was humbled.  Shoulders of Giants, indeed.  http://lapointebastchild.blogspot.com/2011/03/fashion-for-life-2011.html

These Orleans Tartan Boots are texture change through a HUD, and so can match just about anything you could wear.  There’s a Version in Black and White Lace as well.

Ikon Innovia was like a dirty little secret Harper kept from me.  And if you talk to him, you learn why. The Creator of Fashism, he’s been making Harper’s avatar eyes for a while.  I’ll get into how stunning they are in a bit.

It’s the person that’s the kind of warm, funny engaging and genuine that inspires the selfish bits of you that want to keep them away from anything that might taint such a lovely spirit.

Usually when someone tells me they’re a graphic designer, it tends to mean to me that they do logos or edit photos.  Both of which are very different tasks from working in a 3-D environment like Second Life. Ikon’s graphic design is in video games, so he understands how to color and dress gamespaces.  And those conversations with him are some of my favorites, bantering about how to use texturing to enhance 3-D effects.

So when I logged in Saturday, I had a gift from him.  

My picture does not do these justice.  The eyes, which he named “Egyptian Blue,” play upon the rich lapis and gold colors, and oddly enough make me think of afternoons in Marina.

I think the picture he sent to go with them speaks far better to his skill, his talent and a whole lot of other things I want to gush all over but don’t have the words for.  And sometimes it’s hard to tell if I am on the shoulders of the giants, or in the shadow of them.

Either way, I’m humbled, and honored.

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2 Responses to On Being Honored

  1. Ikon Innovia says:

    Thanks so much for your praise of my eyes, Syngen. Your fantastic work and helpful responsiveness at the FFL fair, plus your engaging conversation, inspired me to create the Egyptian Blue eyes in your honor. *smiles*

  2. Harper Beresford says:

    Ikon is hardly dirty but he HAS been my secret and a wonderful friend. I am so glad he joined us but even more that I got to know you, Syngen. It’s made FFL wonderful!

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