On the Architecture of Friendship

Whatever good things we build end up building us. -Jim Rohn-

I love walking around the Helmut Newton sim at FFL.  It’s wide inviting entryways to the stores, the delightful little bends and turns that always seem to be eager to reveal some secret wisdom and above all the fragmented personal thoughtful emotional touches you’ll find if you look, but may not notice right away.

Helmut Newton is a lot like the man who built it.  I didn’t know Raven Haalan before the build started.  But he has a wide inviting manner.  His mind twists and bends in ways that have you eagerly chasing after the things he may not say right away; and he is just full of personality, emotion and thoughtfulness.

It’s almost unsettling how this free yet earthy spirit seems to know precisely the exact moment to send me an IM with a couple of words of encouragement.  Never so heavily applied as to seem insincere, and yet never so light as to seem flippant.  He’s the kind of wise that doesn’t have to say it is; the kind of intuitive that isn’t forced; and the kind of creative that inspires those around him to push a little harder.

And yet, when I grabbed him for the picture above, he said “I feel like this should be the other way around.”  We tried that:

My Shoulders were.. and are way too small.

I am so very very glad that his are not.

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1 Response to On the Architecture of Friendship

  1. Raven Haalan says:

    The Issac Newton quote, Syngen, inspired me to suggest the reverse. If we see further, we stand on the shoulders of giants, and your guidance and support and suggestions and a thousand other dimensions… let me see further.

    You are entirely too flattering, but I’m glad I landed a couple of good moments for ya amid the hustle and bustle and stress of coordinating a great many headstrong builders and a major fundraiser. Hugs.

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