About Sakinah

Sakinah is an update, info, and general word vomit for the Designer behind the Second Life Fashion Line of the same name.

Sakinah has a couple of directions it goes in.  I suppose the biggest part of it?  Is that I deeply enjoy providing mainstream clothing for modest women in Second Life that’s reflective of their culture.  I like to believe that you can be fun, flashy, and show off your personality in all it’s many colors without having to bare it all.

That being said.  I do also enjoy designing bellydance outfits.  Which.. well, DO bare more.  I respect both sides of the spectrum, and frankly?  Both sides of the culture.  I catch some flack for proclaiming modesty on one end and making revealing dance outfits on the other.  But we’re women, we’re kind of dichotomous that way.

I’ve also started delving into historical costumes. Bringing some traditionally Middle Eastern Elements into my designs.

Overall?  I like designing clothes.  I like drawing them in, painting them up, building them in world and making them available to fellow SLers.  However, as I’m asked this question occasionally, I don’t make real clothes.  Sorry.  I just can’t sew that well.

If you have questions?  Track me down in world.  My SL Name is Syngen Sohmers.


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