Drop Dead Tired


I’m just blown.  I’ve spent most of today boxing up the Khadira line, which is the spring coordinates I’ve been posting about.

I’m working on the Ad Shots now and hope to have those done tomorrow.  After that, I have to load them into the Vendor Server System and set them up; then go to my stores and set up the Vendors for them.  If you guys ever wonder why there’s often a bit of drag time from the time I complete something to the time it lands in my store, that’s why.  Seriously.  I like Building the stuff more than I do boxing it up and setting up for sale.

So here’s how they’re going to work:

The Tunic Tops, which I actually designed so they didn’t have to have the tunic attachment if you didn’t want them to, will be available individually for 70L for each color. The box contains the system layers of the top on all available avatar mesh layers, the Prim roll neck collar and bell cuffs, and the tunic attachment.  They look like this:

What I dig about how these tops came out, and having them on multiple layers is that they go with a lot of different things.  I’ll probably be using them in style posts pretty regularly under shirts or sweaters that would be too low cut otherwise.  That and matching them up with things from other designers

Now.  There’s also, you may notice from the Preview shot, a Vest.  That will be sold separately, at 40L per color.  The vest box comes with the vest available on both the jacket and the shirt system layers.  Which would mean you could wear the tunic top (sans skirt attachment) as say, the undershirt layer, the vest at the shirt layer, and drop a cute blazer or jacket over both for a really layered up look.

Since I can’t leave you bottomless, there’s a pair of khaki cargo pants (That came out really cute I think, managing to look comfortable without looking sloppy); and there’s a skirt in what I guess is my signature straight line heavier hanging hanging style.  Those are going to be 75L each

Here’s the Tunic with the cargo pants.  The Hair is Maitreya’s Sasha style which comes with a really cute knit hat and the shoes are form Akeyo.  I do love me some Chuck Taylors.

That colorchanging Hijab will be separate from all of that, and will be set at 200L.  A little pricier than the individual pieces, But you only ever have to buy one of them, since you can change the textures with a click.

Now.  If you’re already thinking of getting the whole kit and kaboodle anyways, I will put the whole mess, all the tunic tops, all the vests, the pants, the skirt, and the hijab into one big boxed fatpack.  That fatpack I’ll set at a 25% overall discount.  Which means if you bought each piece individually, you’d be paying 1200L total.  If you get the fat pack with the whole line?  900L.

Now That’s a LOT of stuff.  I know this, because I have all of these in my inventory right now.  And my inventory is pissed at me. (At over 46,000 items though, my inventory is always pissed at me)

As always, bloggers, feel free to bother me for Review copies.

I’ll have these out in my vendors as soon as I can.  I really do want to get them rolling and done so I can show you guys the awesomeness of the Ancient Egyptian outfits I’ve got lurking in my inventory.

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